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Google annuncia il nuovo Nexus 7 con Android 4.3

Google annuncia il nuovo Nexus 7 con Android 4.3

Come da previsione, Google ha appena annunciato la nuova versione del tablet Nexus 7, con notevoli “upgrade” hardware rispetto al modello del 2012. Novità anche in ambito Android: arriva la versione 4.3 Jelly Bean.


viaGoogle annuncia il nuovo Nexus 7 con Android 4.3.


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Porsche Exclusive: What price singularity?

BBC – Autos – Porsche Exclusive: What price singularity?

“They like their Ferraris, but if it comes to daily driving, they always come back to the Porsches,” he said of the programme’s patrons. “Once you’re with Porsche, you’re married to the brand. You only have affairs with Italian cars.”

“It’s about 3% to 5% [of customers] that would want something special,” he said. “We want to keep it special.”


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